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Connection Church Sturgis is a place where people will be engaged with the truth of God's Word, met with grace and Christ-like love, and where they can encounter a gospel community, where anyone and everyone is welcome. We are dedicated and intentional that people hear the message which leads to being born again, Christ crucified, to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and discover what it means to be a bondservant of Jesus Christ   Join us for our Sunday services!


We believe worship is a time devoted to prepare a person's heart to hear and respond to the Word of God.  You can expect to hear worship music which consists both of tradition and contemporary hymns, either of which aligns with the truths of God's Word


We believe in the expository (verse by verse) preaching of the Word of God.  We believe this offers the best opportunity to understand the context and culture of when and why Scripture was written , so those who attend can more accurately apply God's truth to their lives.

Co-Ed Bible Study

Prior to our service, we offer a co-ed Bible study (Life Groups) which begins at 8:45 in our downstairs fellowship areas.  The purpose of this time is to have a facilitated discussion time to study God's Word together.  Currently, we are doing an in-depth study on discipleship (Fall/Winter 2023-2024). 

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